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SMASHINGLOGO provides professional logo design in just seconds. Design principles do not change over time, the wheel isn’t constantly reinvented. We are convinced that professional logo design can be automated by using complex algorithms to imitate the way how designers think. This is what we do and what sets us apart from other logo maker… Read more »


Listhour manually submits your startup on 100 startup directories. It also follows up with the startup directories 2 weeks after the submissions to improve the approval rate. Startup directories help in creatin credible online presence, acquiring new customers, driving consistent traffic as well as in SEO. It also helps non-native English founders in writing the… Read more »


Owwly is a space for design maniacs interested in new cool digital products and trends. Space where product matters!


Macorva is an innovative tool to help employers shape their employee engagement, retain top talent, improve workplace culture, and scale business. By empowering employees to rate their experiences with coworkers, the Macorva survey helps visualize the specific scenarios which might limit engagement before negatively impacting the company goals. It delivers feedback as understandable, actionable data… Read more »