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STUPr is a student-professional hub that connects professionals, students, institutions, mentors, and protégés worldwide to share resources and opportunities. STUPr creates mutually beneficial relationships by connecting: College and university professionals ↔ Prospective/current student Current students ↔ Prospective students Professionals ↔ Students Professionals ↔ Professionals Professional ↔ Clients Mentors ↔ Mentees Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, STUPr… Read more »


TextSniper is simple and easy to use text recognition tool for your Mac. It extracts any text within selected portion on your screen and turns it into editable text. Easily recognize text from graphics, digital documents and videos. Lightning fast and does not require internet connection. Its just blends into daily workflow and boost your… Read more » is a fast, easy, and ad-free bibliography generator to make citations for your school project, essay, project, or assignment. We help students and teachers to automatically generate accurate citations that ready to copy straight into school projects or essays. If you’re a student or a teacher, and you’re tired of the poor bibliography and… Read more »