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If you’re looking for concise, clear-cut lists of top-tourist attractions that should be in your bucket-list when visiting a particular country – TravelPeri is for you! Navigate through various countries seamlessly using our pannable map or search bar. What sets TravelPeri apart from other such alternatives is the ability to view travel- times/distance to each… Read more »

WP Themes India

Get a WordPress themes from India at affordable price. Also the problem most businesses in India face is that they do not get support from US companies which won’t be a problem as we are from India and are supporting Indian startups and SMEs as part of the Digital India process.


StatusNotify monitors the service status page of over 250 cloud services. See the unified dashboard to check how the services are performing. Configure alerts to Email, SMS, Call, Webhook and Slack. If any service goes down that you depend on, your team will be immediately notified.